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DWI Holiday Season

No Refusal DWI Checkpoint

DWI Holiday Season

The Tarrant County DWI No Refusal Holiday Season Is Upon Us!


This time of year starts even higher than usual Driving While Intoxicated enforcement.  Even more officers are out looking to arrest individuals they believe are over the legal limit.  The Tarrant County Holiday DWI enforcement period also includes obtaining a search warrant to draw an individual’s blood when they refuse to provide a sample of their breath or blood.  Judges are standing by to sign the search warrant submitted by the police after a DWI arrest.  A DWI arrest can lead to license suspensions, probation, jail, and even the interlock device installed on your car!  Don’t let a DWI arrest ruin your Holiday season!

If you are going out to celebrate this holiday season, please be careful.  If you are going to be consuming alcohol, please consider using Uber or Lyft as your designated driver.  Here is an Uber code to apply towards a new Uber account.  Every time a new Uber user signs up with this code, they’ll get $5 off each of their first two rides.  Here is the code 93jpx.

A DWI arrest can be a life-changing experience.  If you or a loved one has been arrested for DWI, Fort Worth attorney Craig Dameron has over 15 years of experience representing individuals charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

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